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Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) is a website provided by NASA and Michigan Technological University (MTU). According to the website, "Each day a different image or photograph of our universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. The photograph does not necessarily correspond to a celestial event on the exact day that it is displayed, and images are sometimes repeated. However, the pictures and descriptions often relate to current events in astronomy and space exploration. The text has several hyperlinks to more pictures and websites for more information. The images are either visible spectrum photographs, images taken at non-visible wavelengths and displayed in false color, video footage, animations, artist's conceptions, or micrographs that relate to space or cosmology. Past images are stored in the APOD Archive, with the first image appearing on June 16, 1995. This initiative has received support from NASA, the National Science Foundation, and MTU. The images are sometimes authored by people or organizations outside NASA, and therefore APOD images are often copyrighted, unlike many other NASA image galleries.


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Amateur Astronomy Picture of the Day (AAPOD2) is a website and social media presence, built, coordinated and edited by Jason Matter and Charles Lillo. The aim of the site is to collect and archive the best amateur astronomical images on the Internet and to award a new AAPOD2 winner every day.



Amateur Astronomy Picture of the Day Gruppo Astrofili Galileo Galilei (APOD GrAG) is a website and social media presence that aims to collect and archive the best amateur astronomy pictures on the internet and award every day a new winner.

APOD Astronomia


Astronomical Picture Of The Day est un projet à but non lucratif d' Le but du concours est de récompenser chaque jour une photo différente envoyée par les participants, et de publier l'œuvre via ce site et tous les canaux connectés à (Portail, Forum, Socials).



ZWO est une entreprise de renommée mondiale spécialisée dans le développement de produits innovants dans le domaine de l'astrophotographie. Le se spécialise dans la production de caméras CMOS, d'appareils d'imagerie astro-intelligents et d'accessoires d'astrophotographie. La société a été fondée par Sam Wen en novembre 2011, avec son siège social basé dans la ville chinoise de Suzhou. Améliorer les capacités des amateurs d'observation et d'astrophotographie, stimuler l'imagination et la créativité du public, et mieux ressentir la beauté des étoiles, de l'univers et de la science. ZWO a créé le  CONCOURS D'ASTROPHOTOGRAPHIE "ASIWEEK". 

TV report FRANCE 3 Lorraine

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Thomas has a passion for photography and astronomy, so he became an astrophotographer! Since 2014, this self-taught man from Lorraine (FRANCE) has been exploring the Milky Way and taking pictures of the depths of space. The result is striking...


Report Malika Boudiba and Olivier Bouillon.






En ligne depuis 2011, AstroBin est la première solution complète d'hébergement d'images d'astrophotographie. Loin d'être un site d'hébergement d'images générique, il offre des fonctionnalités très spécifiques à l'astrophotographie et sa philosophie est axée sur la qualité.

Eastern Republican





The images made by Thomas Lelu, astrophotographer from Toulois.


From his observatory in the Toulois region of France, Thomas Lelu uses his imposing telescope to photograph the stars and constellations. Here is a glimpse of the work of this passionate amateur.


He also hosts astronomy initiation evenings for children.

Sky & Space





Ciel et Espace, l'Univers de l'Association française d'astronomie, usually typed Ciel & Espace, is a bimonthly French-language magazine dedicated to the sciences of the Universe and published by the French Astronomical Association. The magazine comes in the form of a bimonthly, special issues and podcasts.

I have written a few articles for this magazine and some of my images have been published.

Moravian Instruments





Moravian Instruments company is focused to development of high-end electronics and software products for scientific, research, industrial and educational applications.

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