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Publications in the Republican East

His nights are more beautiful than our days...

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"Astrophysicist, me? I could never have, I'm terrible at physics," Thomas Lelu laughs. By default, this project manager in oncology, employed by a Nancy clinic, is an astrophotographer. Understand that he crunches images of the Milky Way and all the constellations that populate it.... And this, from his observatory, installed in the coasts of Toul. "...far from light pollution. Here, at 10:30 p.m., public lighting goes out". Then begins his hunt for the Big Bear, Berenice's hair, the cave nebula and other swan lace. [...]

Head in the stars in Gondreville


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How to look at the sun (carefully)? What can you see at night? What is the purpose of astronomy? How was the sun born? 

To answer these questions, Sylvie Laurent, director of the aerated centre, had invited Thomas Lelu, a native of the coasts of Toul, with a degree in astronomy and celestial mechanics and an astonishing speciality in extragalactic astrophysics, no less. Opposite him, Thursday evening, in the hall of the primary school, which accommodates the young holidaymakers from Gondreville, a handful of smart youngsters, with sharp skills and all fresh, come as a family. [...]

Head in the stars

in Méréville





The animators of the association "Le restaurant des enfants" organized an evening of stargazing or more precisely a theoretical and practical course on the stars. Thomas Lelu was part of this initiation.

About sixty participants had gone Friday evening on the lawn of the city stadium of Méréville. As a teacher, Thomas Lelu was able to put himself within the reach of the children and projected slides and videos so that everyone could soak up the images associated with the comments given. [...]

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